Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is marine-life inspired animation by Mirai Mizue called JAM. The idea for JAM was conceived while Mirai was attending the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2008. The goal of this film is increase creatures as sounds increase so expect a bit of biodiversified chaos. This film won Artistic Achievement in Animania 2009, was nominated at Annecy 2009, Zagreb 2010 and Hiroshima 2010. View this on full screen mode for optimal impact.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Brown Trout and The Mayfly

MollanMedia released this trailer last month which contains some rare and intimate footage shot in Norway. See the first heartbeats of a brown trout inside the egg. Watch an exquisite time lapse segment of a mayfly emerging. Witness what appears to be brown trout cooperating in the hunt for small dace-like minnows. Cameraman, editor, producer Arnt Mollan is figure behind this project and you can visit MollanMedia's Channel or website to learn and see more.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Complete Angler

Back in 2008 I worked with James Prosek to bring you all seven episodes of The Complete Angler, a film that sheds light on the life of Izaak Walton, author of The Compleat Angler which is the third most frequently reprinted book in the English language after the bible and the works of Shakespeare.  Now that YouTube technology allows for much larger uploads, here is the commercial free full length version.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flounder Fishing

Flounder Fishing

A man is drowning while we fish for flounder
from a Fire Island jetty.

Someone jumps in fully clothed
wraps an arm around and brings him ashore.

Sombody else starts artificial respiration.
The man drools a bit, opens his eyes contemptuously:

“Why the hell didn’t you mind your own business?
What have you done to me?”

We pack our gear.
The water has been disturbed and fishing seems pointless.

Poem by Alan Harawitz Photo by Dave Buchholz

Saturday, January 8, 2011

S.S. Flies

S.S. Flies is an artisan fly manufacturer headquartered in Denmark, ME.  Whether you're chasing tarpon in Key West, permit in Belize or bonefish on Andros, S.S. Flies can fill your boxes with some of the best flies available. They offer patterns for snook and redfish and specialized flies for the Northeast too. It's rare to find a USA based fly manufacturer that actually can make the claim MADE IN THE USA. In addition, they do custom work ranging from patterns for brookies to sailfish. Peter Smith is the man behind this operation and you can meet him at the upcoming Marlborough and Somerset Fly Fishing Shows  (Fly Tiers area). Visit the S.S. Flies web site to learn more about this unique fly fishing brand and to see more cool pix/patterns.

Photos courtesy of S.S. Flies

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lifetime practice

Emmonak, Alaska resident Lenora Hootch gives a demonstration of how to prepare king salmon for the smokehouse.  She learned this skill from her father when she was 14 years old but humbly states that "I'm still learning how to do this, it's a lifetime practice."  This eighteen and a half minute piece is filled with special bits of enlightenment about a process that has sustained communities for ages.  Filmed in 2009 by Dennis Zaki, ALASKAFX Productions.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twenty Eleven

Thank you to all the Way Upstream contributors, subscribers, community members and technical supporters for making 2010 a creative, thought provoking, and energizing year.  A special thanks to those of you who started or joined in Way Upstream conversations.  All the very best wished for a happy, healthy and invigorating New Year.  Keep the line in the water and believe in every cast. - El Pescador

Photo by Runar Kabbe Shape Collage by Steve Stracqualursi