Friday, March 27, 2009

Pretty in pink

I got an email from Patagonia Fishing Ambassador Dylan Tomine who is gearing up for an adventurous Spring steelhead trip. The topic of the email was his fly pattern called the String Thing. I thought some of you may be interested due to the fact that the earlier post about Dylan's String Worm and fly photo has gotten a lot of views. Here are Dylan's words:

"Just twisting up a few String Things for a North Coast, BC trip in a few weeks—especially since noted fly moocher Tim Pask is involved. Blue is my all-around favorite and usual go-to fly, but based on the success gear guys are seeing with the much-vaunted “pink worm,” I caved in and made some of these for buddies on the Olympic Peninsula. Their results were stellar. So good, in fact, I’ve quickly gotten over my prejudice against pink steelhead flies and am now fishing them myself. So far so good. I’m stoked to be up there searching for spring steelhead on some of the rivers that drain into the Inside Passage. Will report back when I return."

Photos courtesy of Dylan Tomine

Monday, March 23, 2009

Watershed Revolution

The Matilija Coalition is an alliance of community groups, businesses, and individuals committed to the environmental restoration of the Ventura River watershed. Starting with the removal of Matilija Dam (scheduled for 2014 pending funding), they are working to restore the bioregion which will aid the hopeful recovery of the Southern Steelhead trout and to reestablish the natural sediment supply to the beaches of Ventura.

One of their educational and awareness strategies is to produce a film that outlines some of the groups and individual projects happening in this particular watershed. Rich Reid has been hard at work on a 25 min film that will attempt to do just that.

Paul Jenkins, Matilija Coalition founder and Environmental Director of the Ventura County Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation gave me permission to share the trailer for upcoming film with the Way Upstream community. It's a good reminder that restoring and protecting watersheds requires awareness and action on the part of everyone, whether you live in the high country, on the coast or somewhere inbetween. Check out this 2 minute trailer for Watershed Revolution.

Photo by Matt Stoecker

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wader Clip Collection

Do you have any short video clips of your Patagonia waders in action? Netherlands based Way Upstream community member Esox Lucius posted some Watermaster II clips from various places around the globe on Vimeo and has requested that if you have similar clips/links to send them on to him. He's interested in building a global clip collection. Check out his HOCUS LOCUS post for more details and contact information. Here's one of his clips from Alaska. The music combined with the commentary gives this 1 minute "Big Char" video a hip international vibe.

Patagonia in Alaska from ESOX LUCIUS on Vimeo.
Top image from the video "He Almost Broke My Wrist" by Brian Bennett

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great and Sub Dividers

From standing waves to blue-water wind chop, there's one universal truth: Watercraft decks get wet. Hence, the award-winning Great Divider and new Sub Divider. These soft-sided gear cases efficiently organize and protect everything a waterman needs. They are built from 840-denier nylon with a polyurethane coating on both sides and patented molded top and bottom "pans" for waterproof protection even in standing water (up to the #10 reverse coated zipper). Welded seams eliminate leakage. Shock-absorbing high-density foam gives these gear cases structure and can be removed for cleaning or to create an occasional cooler. Inside, foam dividers can be arranged in multiple configurations. Transparent pocketing makes locating things easy plus the end pockets are removable and are excellent for organizing small items. Access through the highly water-resistant zipper is aided by a new t-grip plus we've eased the corner radii for a little smoother zipper action. The Dividers are now more streamlined than ever with a single, widely adjustable, removable handle/split shoulder strap. Both the Dividers make great air travel carry on bags for sensitive equipment. Note that the time tested Great Divider fits into the base of the Freightliner Max as well as the newer Freewheeler Max. You'll find the Guidewater Duffle collection to be Divider-friendly too.

Photos by Rene Braun

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FISH EYE 4 "Through Anglers Eyes"

BURL Productions is an independent video production company specializing in fly fishing and environmental films based in S. Lake Tahoe, CA. BURL Productions has just released a new film called "Through Anglers Eyes". Snowboarder, angler, filmmaker, Patagonia fishing ambassador Mikey Wier is the heart and soul behind the creativity. This 4th "issue" is a mix of special people, special places and sweet fishing paired with select music. The whole is even greater than the sum of it's excellent parts. Check out this 4 minute trailer and visit BURL Productions or BURL Fish to pick up a full length copy.

FISH EYE 4 "Through Anglers Eyes" from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pecking Order

Pecking Order

The lowly worm fisherman
is despised by the lure fisherman

who is looked down upon by the fly fisherman

while all three are equally despicable
to the brown trout dangling at the end of the line.

Poem by Alan Harawitz Illustration by El Pescador