Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sand Quill

The sand eel imitation that I posted last week has evolved. Click on the picture and mouse over the note boxes for details. I call this fly the Sand Quill.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Sol Duc Steel

Every limited edition print you buy at Savlen Studios before December '07 will get you entered to win this large painting titled "Sol Duc Steel". It is an 18" x 36" original on professional gallery wrap canvas. This piece was the featured art of the month (July) on MidCurrent. In addition to the original painting give-away, Mike Savlen will donate 5% of all Limited Edition Print proceeds to the new Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association. The deadline for your chance to win is November 30, 2007. This is a great opportunity to pick up beautiful prints and provide PNC/CCA funding. The limited edition print prices are excellent ($25 signed/numbered).

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Norway's Oslo Fjord Sea Bass

The sea bass has only been identified in the Oslo Fjord for the last 10 years. With warmer water conditions in recent years this hard fighting fish has become popular for the fly fisherman in Norway. The Norwegian Sea Bass are between 2 and 6lbs and need be pursued early mornings in the summer. Runar Kabbe (Patagonia ambassador) has been the major contributor in opening up the knowledge and developing the techniques to take these fish with the fly. Runar’s DVD will be coming out this December. Check out this six and a half minute gem.

Contribution by Runar Kabbe and Jeff Leopold

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sand Eel Pattern

Ever since I posted A use for the pitt and the stem I've been pondering the quill as a fly tying material. I was fishing for stripers recently and the water was loaded with sand eels. I have several sand eel patterns that I like but on my way home after one session I saw these large seagull wing feathers lying in the sand and the vision of this pattern came to me. I'll be testing it out soon. Stay tuned. Click on the picture and mouse over the boxes for more detail.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


There is this power that allows an individual to harness all senses into one. The entire body then sees. Even the invisible is not free from sight once an angler has employed this power. Motions. Subtle corrections. Detections. What is this power and how long does it last before doubt or satisfaction can erode it?
Corbina hunters Casey Sheahan (Sunshade Shirt) and Dylan Tomine gazing in concentration. Photo by Joe Daniel.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Setting the standard

Way Upstream community around the world, a challenging project is now at the forefront. The project is to redesign and possibly redefine an icon. This icon is the SST Jacket (SST stands for salmon, steelhead and trout). This jacket was born in 1989 and has been often copied but never duplicated (top left). Since it's introduction, the SST has continually set the standard for on-the-water weather protection. Today’s version features 3-layer stretch nylon fabric with H2No® waterproof/breathable barrier (bottom right). So what’s driving the change idea? Spring 2008 jacket development (new Guidewater Jacket and redesigned Deep Wading Jacket) is causing closer inspection of this SST reinvention concept for S9. I have some ideas about where I’d like the design to go and I’m sure YC has his ideas too but where do you think it should go? Think about the SST and tell me what you like, wish for, want to improve? Consider color, pocketing, cuffs, hood, salt/freshwater and so on. Tell me stories of your SST. Who knows, maybe you think it’s fine as is, but either way, let me know your thoughts.

Travis Rummel keeps a firm grip on his coffee and spey rod while cruising in his Stretch SST. Photo by Ben Knight

Monday, July 2, 2007

Running down the men

Many of you have probably seen the films The Hatch or Running Down the Man by Felt Soul Media. These two films along with a handful of recent others created by a new school tribe of fly fisherman/creators/activists have captured the global market’s attention. Follow the efforts of Ben Knight, Travis Rummel and the crew of Felt Soul Media as they shoot their current film project on the proposed Pebble Mine told through the voices of commercial, subsistence and sport fishermen of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Check out The Wire for details and more.

Stretch SST Jacket, Watermaster II Wader and Riverwalker Boot clad Travis and Ryan Peterson of The Fly Shop hit a late night skunk-fest on the mighty Naknek. Photo by Ben Knight