Monday, November 24, 2008

Skeena Quality Waters Strategy

Members of the stakeholder Working Groups who helped develop the draft Angling Management Plan for steelhead angling in the Skeena River watershed need your input. They want to know what you like and don’t like about the draft Angling Management Plan. They want to know how the plan should be changed to better address the issues that people in the community have raised.

The feedback that you provide in this form will give the information the Working Groups need to help finalize the draft Angling Management Plan and present it to the Ministry of Environment.

Please take the time to fill out the Response Form. The deadline for completing this form is November 30, 2008.

Photo courtesy of Brian Bennett

Friday, November 21, 2008


Earlier this year, a sales and marketing group from Patagonia (Bill Klyn, Mike Thompson, Mark Harbaugh and Jason Lozano) went to Eleuthera to spend time with Dave Peterson and the Director of Cape Eleuthera Institute, Andy Danylchuk. The goal was to expose these influencers to a new kind of bonefishing trip that allows anglers to join scientists in the challenging job of catching fish that become live “samples” for research to help fill the significant gap in knowledge of bonefish spawning, predation and habitat. It was also a good chance to test a variety of sun friendly gear like Sunshade Shirts, Sun Masks, Marlwalkers and more. Visit Patagonia's blog The Cleanest Line for more detail on the trip and Core Angling for information on how you can participate in the research.

Photo by Mark Harbaugh

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"The Original" BONE-ER

Tim Borski and I collaborate from time to time and it always seems like our conversations result in interesting stories and new ideas . Recently he invited me to review some vintage photos. The following fly pattern was in one of the pictures. Tim was kind enough to provide the story behind it, images and recipe for the Way Upstream community.

Tim said, "Kaptain Korn's Grizzly BONE-ER was the first fly I ever tied for commercial/selfish purposes. It was accepted by a great old guy named Bob Kay. He and his partner, Tripper, allowed me to hang and sell it in their fly shop, Anglers Afield in Ft. L'dale. All I wanted was to see my name on their wall. The fly was for bonefish. I caught a ton of them on this pattern over the course of a couple or four years, then got better at tying."

Kaptain Korn's Grizzly BONE-ER:

Hook: #4 34007 Mustad
Thread: Black flat waxed nylon
Wing: Natural bucktail tied forward, then reversed to make prominent "bump" to paint eyes on
Body: Tan, Orange or Chartreuse Micro Chenille
Tail: Two grizzly hackles poorly tied in an asymmetrical fashion

Painting, fly pattern and photo by Tim Borski

Friday, November 14, 2008

Feathers On A Hook

Feathers On A Hook

Sometimes I tie feathers
On a hook
To fool a fish

Like I’ve been fooled
Or caught by more than
I could swallow

And like the trout
Caught and released
His mouth a bed of wounds

I’ve been had
By lures and lust
And scarred by my own greed

Poem by Alan Harawitz
Photo by Tim Borski

Friday, November 7, 2008

Micro Puff

Too many steelhead shiver-fests can leave you mumbling incoherently and sporting a thousand-yard stare. Micro Puff products are worth more than their weight (which isn't much) in Bristol Bay gold for core warmth and cold-weather sanity. This high-loft class of products provides such ultralight, compressible warmth, you won’t think twice about throwing it in your pack or vest. Durable, high-quality synthetic insulation traps heat (even when wet), the double-ripstop polyester shell with DWR is windproof and resists snow and spitting rain. Micro Puff products are made with recycled polyester content. All styles are offered in M's and W's fits/colors except for the pants (Unisex). Add Micro Puff to your layering system. You won't be disappointed. Styles include a jacket, hooded jacket, vest and pants. All fit into their own pocket or stuff sack.

Photo by Tim Pask

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chicken Head

Chris LaScola sent me the recipe for one of his money flies. He calls this one Chicken Head. You can see from the photos that brown trout love Chris is a catcher. Chris wrote, "This fly has been very productive in our local waters. The combination of weight, color and the rabbit bring it to life. I hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me."

Hook size #4, first tie on 7/32" red dumbell eyes and wrap the hook with some weight. Then tie on a piece of white rabbit strip for the tail

Add a piece of white crosscut and wrap forward stopping a little short of the eyes.

Add some red rubber to the fly and a piece of yellow crosscut. 1-2 wraps should do it. Then add a piece of crystal chenille and wrap around the eyes to finish the fly.

Now add water and hold on.

Fly pattern contribution and photos by Chris LaScola