Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tip Tip

Here’s a very simple tip for the tip of your tippet.
Always remember that it’s important how you snip it.
Angle your clippers when clipping your tippet
to have the best chance of threading the eye once you've nipped it.


adipose said...

Have you been reading Dr. Seuss to the kids recently?

El Pescador said...

I haven't been reading Dr. Seuss recently but the post certainly has similarities. The truth is that I was sitting in a drift boat with a guide and another angler and the angler was having a tough time threading the eye of a dry with 5X. The guide recognized that he was having trouble and asked "did you cut your tippet at an angle"? He continued, "It's much easier to thread the eye if you cut it at an angle". The angler did angle his cut and did thread the eye.

Now both these gentleman had a bit of the classic Maine accent and the whole scenario was both funny and wise. I chose limerick style to try to convey the "tip" while capturing the humor from that moment.....and for some reason the Washington Monument seemed to me an appropriate illustration.

El Pescador said...

Simplicity is often "brilliant". Thanks for the compliment Murdock.