Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Delta 5

The stereograph post got me thinking about other relics that I have mixed in with my fly fishing menagerie. Here's another one that seemed worth a post. This is a fly reel that I used a long time ago on the Salmon River in Pulaski. I remember buying it at some army navy store on the north end of Syracuse, NY. I paid $10 for it. I paired it with a 2 pc., 7 wt. custom 9 1/2' Sage Graphite II (original IM6 technology) that I bought from the Troutfitter on Erie Blvd. Somehow the original Delta 5 packaging has remained intact after all these years (insert, box and graphics shown). I did a search and found some good info on the Delta 5 on a site called Real's Reels (ABU rod and reel collector). The reel's triangular shape reminds me of the Lee Wulff Triangle Taper fly line concept. Note that the side of the spool sticks out to make palming or fingering "convenient".

Photos by El Pescador

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Wayne Real said...

Hi Steve
Lost your e-mail address.
Any chance you can drop me a line at my website?

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