Thursday, September 23, 2010


Paul Vecsei is a fisheries biologist residing in Yellowknife, Canada and he created the following series of morphometric illustrations. I found this collection of finned gems to be exciting share-worthy content so I asked Paul if I could post them and he granted permission to do an exclusive Way Upstream exhibition. These illustrations use a combination of regular colored pencils and some watercolor pencils. Here's what Paul had to say about his craft, " The process is very slow, often requiring numerous layers. It's not magic. Many of you could do it if you really tried and did nothing else for years. It's more about willpower than technique."

Way Upstream Gallery 2010


Savlen said...

Those are some beautiful illustrations! I think I would end up in a straightjacket after trying to paint just one of them

El Pescador said...

I'm glad you appreciate them Mike. Paul's illustrations appealed to me as beautiful fish documentation and polished, tedious, straight jacket level technique. Willpower seemed to be an appropriate title.

Pool 32 Admin said...


I really like Paul's illustrations - but how do I find an e-mail address or his website/blog?? - because I really want to get in contact with him.
Hop you can help me with this.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Paul, Only I could appreciate the maticulousness of your undertaking. You obviously have an appreciation for the incredible beauty of your subjects. I am also a fish illustrater. Your strengths are your proportion and scientific accuracy-superb! Good job! If you want to grow,(color application only) I would suggest air-brushed mixed medea with pencils-closeups of photos look air brushed. You have the talent! Good Luck!

Sarah Heaton said...

Thanks Anonymous. Sounds like you know what you are talking about.

Sarah Heaton said...

Ooops, looks like i'm logged in under my wife, anyway, these comments are from Paul Vecsei, the fish artist.

El Pescador said...

thanx for the comment paul....and for clearing things up.