Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fishing with Spinoza

Fishing with Spinoza is a seven minute story about two fuzzy friends, Jude and Ruby who are out angling for a legendary fish called Moby. While fishing they engage in a conversation about Hemingway, the movie "Wild at Heart" and the controversial philosopher Spinoza. During their discussion, Jude is snatched out of the boat and into the depths of the lake. Ruby jumps in to save his friend and a struggle between life and death begins.

Fishing With Spinoza from The Animation Workshop

Film by: John Kenn Mortensen
Direction, Script, Storyboard, Background, Animation, and
Editing: John Kenn Mortensen
Producer: Michelle Nardone
Music/Lightning Bolt Sound: Thomas Richard Christensen
Voice-over: Lawrence Marvit, Hugo Cataldo

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