Monday, January 24, 2011

The Complete Angler

Back in 2008 I worked with James Prosek to bring you all seven episodes of The Complete Angler, a film that sheds light on the life of Izaak Walton, author of The Compleat Angler which is the third most frequently reprinted book in the English language after the bible and the works of Shakespeare.  Now that YouTube technology allows for much larger uploads, here is the commercial free full length version.


Logan said...

Very Cool.
Consider this re-blogged and tweeted

El Pescador said...

james will appreciate it logan.

Brian L. Schiele said...

I have actually read "The Compleat Angler" and really enjoyed watching this in its entirety..
I have also added you to my blog roll.

El Pescador said...

thanx for letting me know that this unique film is appreciated brian. thanx for the link too.

JJP said...

Wow, Prosec is talented! Thanks for ALL the posts.

El Pescador said...

thanx for the expression JJP. comments are ALWAYS welcome.

jannx said...

I was fortunate to visit the Charles Cotton fishing hut on a trip to the UK in 1984. The hut itself was part of a leasehold to a fly fishing syndicate. The game keeper kindly invited me to ".. put up my rod ... if you have one"

The result was a grayling (how appropriate) behind the hut. The hut itself is actually quite modest and served more as a shelter and place to convene for a lunch, or a break from the weather.

Somewhere I still have the fly and a photo of the cottage front door. I'm sure it was memorable for James too!

Wonderful work on the photography and of course James narration / story line all make this a memorable moment.

cheers Jan Normandale

El Pescador said...

thanx for sharing your related experiences jan. i'm glad the film brought back fond memories.