Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Flounder Fishing

Flounder Fishing

A man is drowning while we fish for flounder
from a Fire Island jetty.

Someone jumps in fully clothed
wraps an arm around and brings him ashore.

Sombody else starts artificial respiration.
The man drools a bit, opens his eyes contemptuously:

“Why the hell didn’t you mind your own business?
What have you done to me?”

We pack our gear.
The water has been disturbed and fishing seems pointless.

Poem by Alan Harawitz Photo by Dave Buchholz


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Don't know if this round will work out, but you should definitely be involved if we (dudes from several blogs headed by Bjorn over at do another blogger e-book.

Great writing.

El Pescador said...

let me know if the blog tribe gets busy again. i'd be happy to contribute a dash of way upstream flavor.