Friday, February 4, 2011


The narration, film angle and construction techniques contained in this Coyote Carp Fly episode are entertaining and unique. Texasflycaster shows you how to make a very simple flats pattern from widely used materials. Color improvisation and material substitutions could result in umpteen pattern variations that could tempt any number of flats species. Have a look at this 9 minute video and see if it doesn't strike a humorous chord or illicit some measurable tying motivation. You might also want to visit Texasflycaster's Channel to see some other uploads. They cover a wide spectrum of content ranging from Carp Having Sex to an acoustic blues episode of Live From The Couch.


Anonymous said...

Who says we only have Redfish down here. Cold weather may have put the hurt on fish populations over the past few days. Brrrr! And remember,"don't mess with Texas". the Col.

El Pescador said...

thanx for the comment and advice colonel. ain't nobody messin' with texas. regarding cold weather, that's a matter of interpretation.