Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'm off to Outdoor Retailer to continue work on 12wt. projects. OR is not typically thought of as the fly fishing show but it's the best place to see the widest swath of people and business that can help you innovate. As I was packing I thought of posting something that conveyed a sense of innovation. The wheels began turning and I landed on this image. Identify the person in the photo by the time I get back (8/6 at midnight). Correct answers will go into a random Way Upstream drawing. The lucky winner will get something cool (TBD).


Anonymous said...

Looks like Lee Wulff to me.

Joe Z.

El Pescador said...

thanks to those that sent guesses via email. seems like this one was trickier than i thought. congrats to joe ziepniewski. you are the winner.