Sunday, October 16, 2011

Higgins Beach Boys

Here is photo documentation of Runar Kabbe's and Russell Jacobsen's striper fishing quest during a late new moon tide in Southern Maine. These guys managed to land 70 fish in 8 days on foot. Russell decsribed this as one of the best fishing experiences of his life and Runar described these Maine locations as akin to the Gaula and Orkla. Check out Runar's trip report (includes more photos) at the Nordisk Fiskeutstyr blog.


adipose said...


Runar Kabbe said...

What a great trip we had!! I`ve already looked at next year dates. Can hardly wait!

Runar Kabbe

El Pescador said...

sounds great runar. we have more much more to explore. see you in 2012.

adipose, hope to cross paths with you too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing great pictures, from fantastic trip to your place Steve.

Tehs guys knows their fishing, I'm glad they are my countrymen:-):-)

Don't be surprised if you come acrosss more Norwegians in coming years...maybe even myself:-)
Would have been the best way of getting into the fall/wintertime with memories like that.

Fish feeding crabs...Russel eating Sage rods..he-he.

Thanks time remember filming some too...Kabbe- do you here me..we wants some of this on tape as well:-):-)

Thanks to you Steve, and these guys, I've allready got crabs in my bass box:-)


Stu said...

Looks like the hard-working Norwegians put some effort into it, and seems like they got payed :-). Great stuff!

El Pescador said...

Thanks for the comments Stu and Stig. Your countrymen definitely got the job done. Sounds like they will be back. Video next time....and maybe I'll get them out surfing too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve. we had the time of my life. Awesome trip. Thank you for "opening" and showing us your local waters. The way of crusty-the-crab.
I am creating crustaceans in my head, not to mention the "sound files"

Regards Dr. Russell

El Pescador said...

Now that the door is open, I hope you'll come back through again. Thanks for the comment Dr. J. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

The 12 wt gloves would work under surgical rubber gloves as well- they seem to have a snug anatomical fit that works great !! Russell ( Norway)