Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Carp

The story of Christmas Carp - this Central European favorite has a rich tradition from pond to plate to Christmas tree ornament.


Brambor said...

We had carp every Christmas Eve. It was delicious. The fish was bred in clean ponds in southwestern Bohemia. First you had to stand in line with a 'net carry bag' and after it was dropped into the bag we would carry it home. Next step was to fill a bathtub with cold water and throw the carp into the bathtub for 24 hours. That would let any (or if any) potential parasites out of their body and would ensure the fish was clean to kill. Then the horror - fish wrapped in a towel, one hit over the head with meat tenderizer and finally the separation of the head from the body. Remove the entrails and then you have to take the skin off and then cut it up from spine down in 'horseshoe' strips, white flower, eggs and breadcrumbs and fry it. Yummy. Serve with potato salad.

Steve said...

I just recently started having christmas carp. I really like your blog, check this out its based on beginner fishers.

El Pescador said...

thanks for the compliment steve. good luck with b2f2.