Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Multi-Feather Flatwing

Joe Cordeiro demonstrates tying a multi-feathered flatwing fly.


JJP said...

I know Joe. He is a wildman and a great fisher, as well as a fabulous fly tyer. These flies catch fish! They are also fun to tie and beautiful in the water. Thanks for giving folks a look!

El Pescador said...

thanks for the insight JJP. tell joe to check out the post and to add his voice if so inclined.

joe cordeiro said...

Thanks El Pescador for the plug .... fly show. JJP has watched me tie on many occassion and Yes they do catch fish ... no need to strip for the action let the feathers do their thing in the current. Tightline production has done a under water video of the faltwing style. Check it out
thanks again TIE ONE ON !
Joe Cordeiro

El Pescador said...

thanks for the comment and shared link joe. excellent work. i'm a flatwing believer....when i'm not throwing crabs. i'd love to try your patterns here in maine.