Monday, September 10, 2007

High and Dry

This Rene Braun photo made me laugh when I first saw it. This scenario is a relatively common occurrence here in Maine. The mean tide swing is between 8 and 9 feet and during certain moon phases it jumps by another foot and a half. If you aren't careful you can get stuck on a dropping tide. Rene was there to capture the moment. I call this shot High and Dry....but I'm not sure which guy is High and which one is Dry. I'm sure Rene calls it something else. Click on the link (Rene's name) to see more of his photos.


bigfatomcat said...

The gentleman sitting down in that boat is a long time DIFW employee.

He actually wrote the fishing guide test for the state of new hampshire.

He's retired now and currently is a guide in the Presidential Mountain range area. Boy did he take a ribbing from a group of us for that stunt!


El Pescador said...

I think a ribbing was justified BFTC, and I can tell by the look on his face that he knew it would be well deserved once the tide came back up to float the boat.