Saturday, December 1, 2007

Double Haul

Here's a 30 second look at some pictures by Tim Davis of the New 2008 Double Haul, RJ Hosking and El Pescador.


Unknown said...

It looks like the backpack portion is actually a little bigger than the current version - Is this the case?

I use mine to carry camera gear around on the water, and it's usually a tight fit to get all the stuff I want in there; a little extra room in the back would be great.

El Pescador said...

Both the front pack (Single Haul) and the back pack are bigger than the original. The key difference between the original and the new Double Haul is that the packs can be separated and used individually. Some of the options are indicated in the slide show....but not all!

Josh Linstrom said...

For a couple years now I've been looking for a pack with these type of capabilities. How long do we have to wait until the new Double Haul comes out?

The folks down at Patagonia never cease to amaze me!

El Pescador said...

The plan is for the 2008 Double Haul to be onshelf by 1/15. It still may be worth putting it on Santa's list.