Monday, December 10, 2007

Need a new image?

The tools to alter and transform images used to be for the highly trained artist and illustrator only. Today that's all changed. Image "toys" are very accessible and pretty simple to use. You can make movies, slideshows, calendars, screen savers, magazine covers and more. All you really need is a computer, a digital camera and a USB cable to be in business.....and the digital camera and cable are optional to some degree. The post image is an example of an underwater digital photo that's been run through a watercolor filter (Microsoft Photo Editor). Then I Hockneyized the image to get the Polaroid effect. Lastly I took the Hockneyized image and ran it through Framer to add the stamp frame. Take some of your fishing images and give these toys a try....just for fun. Who knows, you may find a marketable use for your pictures or at the very least discover some creative ideas.

Way Upstream
Copyright 2007


Unknown said...

Very cool image, I like that a lot.

El Pescador said...

Thanks Mike. I've stumbled onto image tools that have been scaring the heck out of the artist side of me. I'm a guy who loves the work of Joseph Cornell. I'm a fan of Rauschenberg and Duchamp. I like the collage work of Picasso and the others during the Cubist period. They did not have these tools - here's the scary part - we do! I wish I could immerse myself in image manipulation for a while. Maybe a sabbatical is needed? I still have to work on the printing leg of the process but I'm confident that it will be equally enlightening.

Let me mention that I love my Mike Savlan painting. It's a highlight of 2007 for me thanks to the Patagonia Fly Fishing Sales Team and you.

All the best wished in 2008.