Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bird Vise

Tim Borski takes some interesting photos in addition to painting and fly designing. Here's one photo I received that I couldn't help toying with. The image shows Tim's hand holding a bird that flew into his studio with a fly resting next to it. I've created some unusual versions of this image but here is a version that's close to the original. I used Flickr toys Framer to soften the edges and Matte to frame it up "museum style". This is not your average "still life". Maybe a collaborative series will emerge.

Original photo by Tim Borski
Artistic license exercised by El Pescador

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Anonymous said...

The pretty little warbler in hand is a male Black-Throated Blue. Several times a year different species fly into my open studio. Most are quickly shown the exit. Some are required to pose for a quick photo but all are returned outdoors to (hopefully) safely resume their migration.

Please keep cats indoors.

Tim Borski