Monday, April 21, 2008

The Complete Angler - Chapter 2

James Prosek (artist/writer), Fritz Mitchell (producer/editor) and Peter Franchella (cinematographer) produced a Peabody Award winning film documenting Prosek’s travels in the footsteps of the 17th century English writer, Izaak Walton.

Way Upstream now brings you Part 2 of the mini-series - The Complete Angler. In this chapter James goes to Ireland to experience what may be the earliest form of fly-fishing, dapping live mayflies impaled on fine-wire hooks for brown trout on the lakes of the Connemara region. He visits with a boy who collects and sells live mayflies to the fishermen, and salmon fishes along the Eriff River.

Way Upstream Productions Copyright 2008

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful video! I've been to Ireland twice and visited the Connemara region both times. Unfortunately I brought my surfing gear instead of fishing stuff and really regretted it(not the surfing). Next time the fishing gear is packed for sure.