Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catch Magazine Premier

There's a new online rag on the virtual newsstand. It's called Catch Magazine. The creators are billing it as the "Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography and Film". Brian O'Keefe (photo editor) and Todd Moen (film editor) invite you to check out the free premier issue. Catch Magazine is scheduled to be released six times a year and will house content from a host of creative contributors. I think this product might just exceed your expectations. One word of caution from Brian "Catch is not dummied down for little, small computers and monitors. Catch needs a powerful computer, NO DIAL UP!!, a fast, high speed internet connection (especially for video) and a nice sized monitor. Send the link to your work, a neighbor’s house, etc, if you have an old clunker."

Cover photo by Brian O'Keefe


IdahoCaddis said...

The magazine is fantastic. Is there any chance Patagonia will be turning your ad in the magazine into a poster? I would love to have that picture hanging on the wall.

El Pescador said...

That's an interesting idea IdahoCaddis. I'll look into posterizing the Patagonia ad. Maybe we could do something in colaboration with Catch Magazine. Note that you can purchase the O'Keefe cover photo of the magazine for $5.

IdahoCaddis said...

That would be fantastic. I would most likely end up getting one for the office and one for above the tying bench. The O'Keefe cover shot is well worth the $5.