Friday, November 21, 2008


Earlier this year, a sales and marketing group from Patagonia (Bill Klyn, Mike Thompson, Mark Harbaugh and Jason Lozano) went to Eleuthera to spend time with Dave Peterson and the Director of Cape Eleuthera Institute, Andy Danylchuk. The goal was to expose these influencers to a new kind of bonefishing trip that allows anglers to join scientists in the challenging job of catching fish that become live “samples” for research to help fill the significant gap in knowledge of bonefish spawning, predation and habitat. It was also a good chance to test a variety of sun friendly gear like Sunshade Shirts, Sun Masks, Marlwalkers and more. Visit Patagonia's blog The Cleanest Line for more detail on the trip and Core Angling for information on how you can participate in the research.

Photo by Mark Harbaugh


Dr D said...

Hi Steve,
I’m just getting ready for a trip to Eleuthera to implant another 30 bonefish with transmitters – transmitters that have been funded by Patagonia (Team Fish). I’m taking down a video camera and will document things as best as I can. We are also doing lots of manual tracking too with hopes of being the first to document a bonefish spawning event. Wicked cool stuff for a geek like me. Stay tuned for research and product testing updates.


El Pescador said...

Thanks Dr. D. Have a good trip and keep us posted here on Way Upstream. The video and manual tracking story will be of interest.