Sunday, January 25, 2009

Salt Sjøørret på flue

"Mr. Sea Trout" aka "mar Sea Bass" - Runar Kabbe hunts for "The Silver of the Sea" in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Check out the two minute trailer for the Norwegian DVD - Salt Sjøørret på flue. The full feature is scheduled to be released February 12, 2009. This movie promises to be packed with tips of the sea trout trade along with the Scanout style of fishing entertainment you'd expect from this group of core anglers.

Photo by Steve Stracqualursi Illustration by El Pescador


Anonymous said...

That is some very cool stuff. I wish we had some hardcore sea-trout fishin' around here. Rumor has it that we've got a few salters in Southern Maine, but it's been a tad on the cold side lately. Not a good sign when the fly line freezes in the guides as you rig up your rod.

Maybe Straq and I will check it out when things warm up a bit.

Cheers, Topher Browne

El Pescador said...

The sea run scene here in Maine has a few bright spots. The Mousam and Ogunquit rivers produce but my sense is that these are largely stockers (brown trout). The Royal and Spurwink rivers have also been stocked (browns and brookies) at one point or another over the years but I don't think the returns have been measurable enough to excite people to brave the cold. Maybe some of the Maine salters out there will share what they know?