Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Norway's Oslo Fjord Sea Bass

The sea bass has only been identified in the Oslo Fjord for the last 10 years. With warmer water conditions in recent years this hard fighting fish has become popular for the fly fisherman in Norway. The Norwegian Sea Bass are between 2 and 6lbs and need be pursued early mornings in the summer. Runar Kabbe (Patagonia ambassador) has been the major contributor in opening up the knowledge and developing the techniques to take these fish with the fly. Runar’s DVD will be coming out this December. Check out this six and a half minute gem.

Contribution by Runar Kabbe and Jeff Leopold


Unknown said...

Great video man, got me all pumped up, and I want one of those nets!

Taco Meeuwsen said...

Lovely catch that far north!

Oystein71 said...


Just caught my first two here in Norway yesterday outside of Arendal. Feisty things! Weighed in at 4.5 pounds each(ish) and tasted wonderful!