Friday, May 8, 2009

The Mokelumne River

Mikey Wier continues to take action to preserve and protect the things that make him him by using his video camera. This particular video is about the Mokelumne River and the proposed expansion to the Pardee dam. A variety of organizations are working together to try to get wild and scenic designation for sections of the free flowing Mokelumne which will help prevent this expansion. Check out this 10 minute updated piece and pay close attention to the voices of the "residents" at the end. They need your help. You can also check out other posts on this topic from the Trout Underground and Trout Bums on the Web for further insight. Visit the web sites listed in the video and help play a role if you can.

Mokelumne River - Wild and Scenic from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.


Burl Productions said...

Thanks again El Pecador. This one really hits close to home for me. The stretch of river that is at stake with the Dam expansion is a real gem. It would be a huge and unnecessary tragedy to loose that. Thanks to everyone for their support on this one.

El Pescador said...

These are interesting times for CA. Water has become gold.

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