Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chasing fins

I've been trying to get my hands on this live performance since the Fly Fishing Film Tour took place in Portland, ME earlier this month. After some urging I finally got Jeremy Cameron to let the video loose. I was hoping to get the raw version but Jeremy couldn't resist blending in some of the other live performances that went on that night as well as some plugs for those who were there in support. The night was a success on all levels. Maine TU Trout Camp and Stripers Forever both were beneficieries of funds raised from the evening. It was a fun party and the films were great but for me the special moment was when Jeremy and Greg "Boz" Bostater performed this song against a video backdrop to kick the evening off on the right fin.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for the "Way Up Stream" support pre and post show! And thanks for coming. It was great to finally getting a chance to shake hands in person rather than just online. Let's get out and "chase some fins" sooner than later. Thanks again.


El Pescador said...

Thanks to your team for bringing the tour to town Jeremy. It was a fun night and the donations made were admirable. Let me know when the opportunity arises to chase some fins....or waves.