Thursday, December 10, 2009

Surf & Inshore Fishing 2009 - I, II & III

Surf & Inshore Fishing 2009 - Part 1 by Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.

Peter Laurelli put together the surf and inshore fly fishing season into a three part series that I think you'll find entertaining. He portrays a host of facets that blend well into a good representation of the coastal fly fishing experience (birds, deer, rocks, docks, boat decks, marsh, flats, channel markers, wave sets and more). I found these short films to be well composed and well edited with a healthy dose of humor (short strikes, missed casts and lost footing). The underwater footage adds a dimension that you don't often see when it comes to inshore cold water fishing in the salt. Have a look tell Peter what you think.

Surf & Inshore Fishing 2009 - Part 2 by Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.

Surf & Inshore Fishing 2009 - Part 3 from Peter Laurelli on Vimeo.


PHL said...

Thanks for posting these, hope your audience enjoys them.

one note...this is #2 of 3, so 1 more yet to come in about a month!

El Pescador said...

Thanks Peter. Let me know when #3 is ready for prime time.