Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A World Without Fish?

Founded by conservation-minded anglers in 1973, the National Coalition for Marine Conservation (NCMC) has been a catalyst for fishery policy change, from a narrow single-species focus on fisheries yields to an ecosystem-based approach that reflects their expanding circle of concern for all marine life. In their efforts to Bring Back the Big Fish, they have evolved their programs to include protecting the prey base. NCMC has just released a two part video series that highlights this predator and prey relationship. These two videos contain some amazing footage of top of the food chain ocean predators (swordfish, billfish, tuna and sharks). They also focus the spotlight on the other end of the food chain (menhaden, herring, sardine, mackerel, squid and krill). To learn more about NCMC visit www.savethefish.org or call (703) 777-0037.

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