Monday, March 8, 2010

Elk Hair Caddis

I keep finding surprising stuff as I continue down the animation content wormhole. Here's a four and a half minute graduation film from The Animation Workshop (Viborg, Denmark) called Elk Hair Caddis. It's a movie about a "perfect day" and was created by Alice Holme, Anders Brogaard Jepsen, Magnus Igland Møller and Peter Smith. Visit for extra tid bits, additional links and more information about this story.

Elk Hair Caddis from Peter Smith on Vimeo.

Elk Hair Caddis illustration by El Pescador


Jeff Dyck said...

That's hilarious! Did you make it yourself?

El Pescador said...

I'm just the film finder Jeff. When it comes to this post, I can only claim responsibility for the elk hair caddis illustration on top.