Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Peter Gander Fish Collection

English artist Peter Gander has been producing a variety of fish inspired pieces over the last month and it gave me the idea to bring you an exhibition of this particular collection here at Way Upstream. The title and media are detailed under each of the 7 pieces on exhibit. Links are contained for all the work, including a short story that goes with "Onto a Big One". Visit Peter Gander Fine Art to see a wider scope of his work or for art inquiries.

Onto a Big One (Illustration for a short story)
Black Biro and white Conté pencil on brown envelope

Fish 100501

The ripple watchers (Final print version)

Brown trout 100505

Blue fish 100513

Fish-shaped shoal
White ink on sketch pad paper

Fish 100428

Peter Gander Fish Collection 2010 Way Upstream Gallery


Peter Gander said...

Hi Steve, thanks for posting my pics, they look great together! I always seem to go back to fishing themes, a favourite subject. Thanks again, keep up the interesting work! Peter Gander

El Pescador said...

I agree Peter. I think the collection hangs well together. Thanks for letting me put it together.

William @ AnglerWise said...

Wow, some of that artwork I really like. My favorite is the white ink black paper one. Thanks for posting it on your blog. Great Blog, BTW.

Peter Gander said...

Thanks William, I really do appreciate comments from anglers like myself! I do plan to produce a linocut of the white one, so keep an eye open for that later!

El Pescador said...

I'm keeping an eye out Peter. Let's do another Way Upstream exhibition in the future.

Thanks for the blog compliment William.