Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meat Wagon

Jerry Darkes has been tying flies for almost 40 years. Here is a pattern he started working on this spring. This fly is constructed of a blend of natural and synthetic materials. It lends itself to a wide range of variation and fly fishing applications. It has great action in the water and it catches fish! So far he has caught trout, steelhead, largemouth, smallmouth, northern pike, and musky on it. He has yet to dunk it in the salt but I have a feeling it may work there too. He calls this pattern the Meat Wagon. It can be tied as shown, with barbell eyes to ride hook up or as a tandem hook rig. You may want to give this one a try. Here is the basic recipe:

Hook: Short streamer hook
Tail: Rabbit strip with flash of some sort on top and on bottom
Back: Marabou feather(s)
Belly: Marabou feathers(s)
Gills: Optional- red Spirit River Palmar Chenille
Head: Palmar Chenille
Eyes: 3-D, epoxied

Contribution by Jerry Darkes


Ulyssess Chamberlain Rockefeller said...

May work in salt? that fly is saltastic

Long Live the rabbit strip

Anonymous said...


Added a new species to the Meat Wagon list- wipers (striper/white bass hybrid)on same day the fly was posted. Getting closer to the salt!


WT said...

Another great looking bunny fly. Makes the Deceiver look like something carved out of wood.

Anonymous said...

what could be better than rabbit and marabou? a classic!

Anonymous said...

bunny flies for stripers rock.

I like an ostrich herl tail, palmered bunny toward the head for the body, some red bunny fur for the throat and eyes.

Hang on!

-bigfatomcat (currently having password reset issues)

Parko said...

This would make a good taimen fly too.