Monday, August 25, 2008

Coyote Crab (claw variation)

I posted the Coyote Crab back in July. Testing on the pattern has been very good. It's durable, casts well and fish pick it up. I've been very intrigued by a pattern variation though that I wanted to share. It's the claw variation that you see here. I'm not big on complicated flies nor am I interested in photo realistic flies but this pattern has produced. We'll see how it goes over a longer period of time. So far so good. Stay tuned for another pattern that I'm working on for kix - the Fox Lobster.

Photos by El Pescador


pez rojo said...

Heading to Louisiana to fish west side of the Miss. with Capt Carter next week. Would love to have the new version of your crab in my quiver to try out on the Reds. So far the west side is not in the path of the oil spill (yet). A lot of fear and anxiety all up and down the Gulf Coast.

John Frankot said...

Pez Rojo touches on a very big issue the WU community may be able to influence, or at least feel good about the attempt.

The BP Horizon spill is clearly going to cause unprecedented environmental damage. And, this will have severe economic reverberations for many Gulf Coast individuals and families.

We may be able to help. BP's current liability is a fraction of what the true, long-term financial impact will be for our Gulf Coast friends. I recommend you contact your representatives and urge them to support a bill that is in consideration. Here is a brief:

Be the change you want to see!

El Pescador said...

I assume you need a weedless version Pez Rojo?

Thanks for the link to take action John. It's definitely time for a big change in our energy ways.