Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Command

New Command

Winter releases his grip.
Puzzled ice begins to flow and mixes with it's liquid kin.
Snow cover transforms into vernal pools.
Runoff finds it's seasonal conduit.
Marshes seethe and swell to unfathomable capacity.
The land awakens with a start under new command.
Spring has taken her throne.

Poem and photo by El Pescador


Taco Meeuwsen said...

And all the while a fever is building up inside.
I scan the shores daily to mark the return of the fish in warmer waters.
I scout the twilight mornings and nights to see that ripple, that telling circle, a rising bulge in the flexible surface of the waters.
They're back!

Anonymous said...

The arrival of Spring is not official until Straq posts his annual vernal poem.

Good stuff, mate!

Cheers, Topher