Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Old vises die hard

Here's another post along the lines of the relics theme (Stereograph and Delta 5). I rounded up some of my old, inexpensive, utilitarian fly tying vises for documentation. Below (top to bottom) are a Thompson C, a crude bent metal type and a Sunrise Fly King (there is still a version of this one in production). I used the Thompson as my primary vise for quite a few years. I put a strip magnet along it's shaft which came in handy. I used the Sunrise a lot at the bench as well but it was also a good travel vise. I would use the box that it came in (secured with a rubber band) as a carry all tying kit on extended fishing forays. The crude metal vise was something that came in a beginners kit and I mainly used it stream side on weekend camping trips to places like the Catskills or Adirondacks. I remember bending it to fit the irregular decor of the outdoors.

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