Monday, May 24, 2010

Micro session

I received some pictures from Mike Thompson about two weeks ago. They were from a Texas redfish session with Capt. Billy Trimble. Mike has been dialing in his new micro skiff poling platform and since I've been following the developments I thought it would be worth sharing some of the shots. Have a look and if you ever get the chance to spend time on the water with either of these guys I think you'll find the experience memorable. Here's a link to the ceviche recipe (lunch) shown below as well.


El Pescador said...

I just wanted to let subscribers know that Way Upstream is experiencing some difficulty with image uploads and layout. You may see some posts with overlapped imagery or incorrect spacing(Google may have changed something). Hopefully things will be figured out shortly. Stars and Stripes accidently got out before it was supposed to as well. Look for it to return on July 4th. Thanks for your patience.

Mike Thompson said...

Note that Billy created a variation on the classic ceviche recipe that he has sent you before. No cilantro was up yet, but there was fresh basil and some yellow squash blossoms that were substituted. It was the best of the best. We had a good day of fishing in ideal conditions. Notice the lunch table was a Great Divider.