Friday, May 28, 2010

Oil spill

Here's a 30 second public service message from the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation that deals with a less newsworthy yet equally devastating kind of oil spill. Fortunately this kind of oil spill doesn't require corporations and governments to figure out how to prevent or stop it. The solution for this one is in our hands.


John Frankot said...

Thanks, El Pescador. I like it.

Really speaks to the core cause of most the environmental and social issues confronting the globe. The stone cold reality is the world is shaped by the accumulated choices made by each individual. Living an examined life and being the change and reality we desire is the best chance we have. It is hard and I admittedly struggle following the credo, but the alternative is unfavorable.

I don't advocate turning back to the Stone Age, just simple changes and actions: don't stop visiting your coffee shop, just bring a personal cup; don't grouch about an oil spill, let your gov't reps know your displeasure and stop frequenting stations supported by the supplier; etc. Think about the message sent to BP if America stopped buying BP fuel for a month ... don't put them out of business, just fire a shot over the bow letting them know we notice and care.

El Pescador said...

Well said John. It's no surprise that we as a people can become outraged when something as obvious as "the nations worst environmental disaster" happens but on the flip side we collectively participate, accept to varying degrees or even deny that larger environmental problems besiege the Earth by our own choices and actions.....while nature has been firing shots over our bow continuously since the Industrial Revolution.