Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One on the books

I just went on an exploratory striper mission with my friend Joe Z. The plan was to put his inflatable in and run around the typical spots to see how the sand bars may have changed. The engine fired up on the second pull which we took as a good sign. Water clarity was excellent and the flats looked to be in very good condition. I noticed an occasional surface disturbance but minimal signs of aquatic life, other than a few crabs. We motored our way up to a spot deep on the inside due to a steady onshore and tossed our patterns into the outgoing flow. I managed to catch a striper with my Coyote Crab but that would be the only one on the books for the short session. We snaked our way back through the low tide and considered ourselves successful. Our season is underway.

Photos by Steve Stracqualursi


Unknown said...

Good to hear you're seeing fish. The shad never really turned on like they have in years past, but the striper fishing is starting to heat up down here.

Unknown said...

Super jolie !! Très beau paysage et beau poisson !! Super !! :)

El Pescador said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Water conditions, scenery and air temperature are all optimal. I have seen terns diving along the beaches too. Now lets hope we don't get doused with inches of rain again this year.