Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Greatest Migration

The Greatest Migration from Epicocity Project

Here's the full length film from the Epicocity Project called The Greatest Migration. It's powerful. It makes you appreciate the stamina required for a long and arduous journey way upstream.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! It'll be a great day when those 4 dams are gone. How do we make it happen?

El Pescador said...

good question. my answer would be to keep doing what you did by leaving a comment; join the conversation. thank you.

El Pescador said...

Upcoming Shows:
April 6: University of Oregon, Eugene - Many Nations Long House, 7pm
April 14: Wild Salmon Rising at Boothster in Portland, 7pm
April 15: Gonzaga University - contact Sam:
May 24: REI Flagship Store, Seattle, 7-830. Learn about the imminent “two-dam” removal on the Elwha River on the Olympic Peninsula and an update on progress to restore a free-flowing lower Snake River. Contact Joseph:

Want to spread the word about this film? Host a movie night house party!
Please contact Bobby Hayden from more information: