Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Ice-Pick

The "Ice-Pick" Streamer from Richard Strolis on Vimeo

The Ice-Pick is a new streamer pattern from Connecticut based Farmington River guide and fly tier Richard Strolis. This pattern is a Zonker variation utilizing the new Fish-Skull by Flymen Fishing Company. Richard says that white, yellow, grizzly and orange colorways are some of his top producers. I first saw this pattern at Hatches Magazine which is home to an extensive fly tying database. Visit Richard's web site, Catching-Shadows, to learn more about his guide services. Check out his Vimeo Channel to see a growing collection of tying creativity.


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the plug. This fly has been doing very well for myself, clients and customers so far this fall. I plan on offering an array of colors by next spring. I think the jigging motion from the head is a trigger when retrieved, paused and retrieved. Nice blog by the way.

El Pescador said...

it's a cool pattern rich. i like "the knucklehead" as well. they seem like they could be very versatile.