Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Krill is Gone

“The Krill is Gone” Trailer from Bent Image Lab

The Krill is Gone is an environmental comedy featuring a cast of fishy personalities voiced by SpongeBob’s Tom Kenny and his gifted wife, Jill Talley. The film took first-place at the recent Blue Ocean Film Festival and was screened at the GLOBIANS Film Festival in Berlin. It was shown in Toronto’s Planet in Focus International Environmental Film & Video Festival last month and will also be featured at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC this March.

As the story unfolds, we meet characters including: Emiliania Huxleyi, a Robin Leach-like plankton who is about to reveal startling new evidence on the menace of rising acidity in oceans; a shrill little krill who frets that she can’t grow another shell, when she’s not bemoaning the decline of the neighborhood since the jelly fish moved in, lured there by the toxic carbonic acid; a wise-cracking comic who cruelly jokes that the krill are losing their crunch; and a visiting celebrity named Al Ba Core, who looks suspiciously like a tuna on a mission (if only someone would listen). Have a peak at this 47 second trailer with a message.

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