Thursday, August 16, 2007

Deep Wading Jacket - Front

Way Upstream commenter Bradley asked to get a closer look at the S8 redesigned Deep Wading Jacket. Here it is for you all to see. Click on the shot and mouse over the comment boxes to learn more.

Way Upstream

Copyright 2007

Angler - Topher Browne

Photos by Rene Braun


Anonymous said...

Love the design of the Deep Wading Jacket. The Napolean pockets are great. They look deep in the photo and dont extend out of the face of the jacket - which I believe to be a superior design.

I like the muted color as well- muted tones are key on spooky trout water like spring creeks and clear mid sized streams.

The back would benefit from a D-ring- its nice to hang a net back there - and possible a cargo pocket for a bottle of H2O and a sandwich for long days on the water.

It looks great put me down for one once they go into production. Also good to see Topher Brown. He was our Winston Rep back when I worked at the Fly Rod Shop.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jan: I hope all's well and you're getting plenty of fishing in!

The new Deep Wading Jacket from Patagonia is the best wading jacket I've ever used. It weighs in at around 12-13 ounces, feels as light as a windbreaker, and yet offers most, if not all, of the features of its predecessors.

I am away from home base right now, but I'm pretty sure the DWJ has a D-Ring on the back for a landing net. The "Napolean" pockets are fleece-lined, the waterproof zippered pockets can be operated with one hand, and the waterproof front zipper takes advantage of the technology developed on Patagonia's alpine shells.

The new Deep Wading Jacket for Spring 08 is a significant advancement in wading shell technology. The DWJ will be an industry frontrunner for quite some time. Well done Steve and all the folks at Patagonia!

zinger said...

I guide up at Alaska Rainbow lodge on the Kvichak River (NO PEBBLE MINE PLEASE!) Anyway, I just got one of your deep wadin' jackets through your guide program at the lodge. I would have bought another SST, but don't reallyl care for that stretch stuff. I only used the new jacket for a month, and only when it was rainin' which was a bit. Both of the pockets tore out at the lower corner where your hand slids in. I thought it was a great jacket, but that is definetly a place that should have been reinforced. One more thing, please tell me you are bringin' back the SST! I wore mine through 4 hard years and finally had to turn it into a foul weather bird huntin' jacket (Leaks a bit, but still kept that 25 MPH montana wind off me today while chasin' sharptails). Glad to see you are puttin' some emphasis on flyfishin' stuff, thanks, zinger

El Pescador said...

Thanks for the comments and feedback Zinger. Keep making your voice heard regarding the proposed Pebble Mine.

Sorry to hear you had pocket tearing on the existing DWJ. That's not common. Those pockets have been in the field for years and are essentially the same as the SST (except for the '05 and '06 model). Any additional data on how the tearing occurred so quickly would be appreciated. Shoot me an email and include pix if you haven't already returned it. FYI, the S8 DWJ shown has a different pocket design and construction.

Regarding the SST, it hasn't gone away. The current version looks very similar to the original. Check out this Flickr link to see it - It is made of stretch waterproof/breathable fabric that has seen a ton of field testing time. Why don't you like stretch?

Thanks again for adding your thoughts. They help.