Monday, August 6, 2007

Just a little further

Every time I see films and videos by Mikey Wier, I'm, well.., moved. He often casts a certain soulful light on the bigger picture of fly-fishing. In this video he exposes an angling facet that many know, "It's all out there waiting. You just have to go and find it." I recently asked him to write a Way Upstream intro to this 5 minute Fish Eye video. Here's what he said:
"I love catching fish. Don’t get me wrong. They are some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on this planet. But for me, a bigger part of fly-fishing is the total experience. It's about that sense of adventure. I love looking at a map and trying to discover new places to catch a fish. I'm always so intrigued to know what's just around that bend, or what does it look like up stream of here. It's that feeling of exploration and discovery that often motivates me to keep searching for the next great fishing spot. There are lots of times when I see a place on a map that looks like it has potential, or hear about a "Great spot", and when I get there, it's nothing more than a nice stretch of river. The fishing might not be good, but I'm still outdoors and seeing something new. Then, inevitably there will be days like this, where it all comes together and I might have the chance to catch the fish of a lifetime. It took my brother and I almost 10 years to get to this spot at the right time of year. It’s all out there waiting. You just have to go out there and find it."


Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve. Wouldn't have been possible without you helping to make the best products on earth. The back story is that the only reason i landed that fish was because i had hooked and fought him the day before. I spoted a brown trout in that pool and was fishing for him when that rainbow eat. We tangled for a while and i never saw him. He totally throttled me and got off, but i felt he was big, so i stayed the nigth for another round. In the morning i spotted him again in the light and he took my fly. I was only able to land him because he must have been tired. He had my nymph in his mouth still from the day before. There is like a class 4 rappid below that spot. You should have seen the Cuttie i also landed that day. He took me through the rapid and another 300 yards down river. Some how i held on, but we didn't get any film. It was the biggest Cuttie i had ever seen at the time. Although this year i hooked one even bigger. Quite possible a state record.

Brambor said...

i'm jealous