Thursday, August 30, 2007

Free to roam

It’s only fitting that the previous post highlighting James Prosek be followed up by a piece on the other founding member of World Trout – Yvon Chouinard. These pictures and the following words found their way upstream to El Pescador from Casey Sheahan (Patagonia CEO). Click on the colored text (links) to read more about YC and a variety of salmon articles. Casey wrote:

“Rare to see YC holding a fish out of water for even a second but this 26 pound Zolotaya River chromer required closer inspection. This Russian beauty had been caught on the nearby Rynda two summers ago and blue-tagged to identify it as a product of Rynda waters--proof of salmo salar's wandering capabilities, and what happens to salmon when allowed to swim freely, spawn repeatedly without estuary nets and net pen farming.”

YC with 26 pound Zolotaya River chromer
Contribution by Casey Sheahan and El Jefe
Photos by Bruce McNae


Bradley said...

Wow - That fish is a beauty. What jacket is YC wearing? It sort of looks like the old school SST.

El Pescador said...

The jacket that YC has on is a prototype of the current Stretch SST.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking jacket and even better looking fish!

I know of several tagged salmon that have been caught twice (and one that was caught three times). That's the first I've heard of the same fish caught in two separate rivers. Very cool.