Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FISH EYE 4 "Through Anglers Eyes"

BURL Productions is an independent video production company specializing in fly fishing and environmental films based in S. Lake Tahoe, CA. BURL Productions has just released a new film called "Through Anglers Eyes". Snowboarder, angler, filmmaker, Patagonia fishing ambassador Mikey Wier is the heart and soul behind the creativity. This 4th "issue" is a mix of special people, special places and sweet fishing paired with select music. The whole is even greater than the sum of it's excellent parts. Check out this 4 minute trailer and visit BURL Productions or BURL Fish to pick up a full length copy.

FISH EYE 4 "Through Anglers Eyes" from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.

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Unknown said...

good get myself a copy. Look seriously solid.