Monday, March 23, 2009

Watershed Revolution

The Matilija Coalition is an alliance of community groups, businesses, and individuals committed to the environmental restoration of the Ventura River watershed. Starting with the removal of Matilija Dam (scheduled for 2014 pending funding), they are working to restore the bioregion which will aid the hopeful recovery of the Southern Steelhead trout and to reestablish the natural sediment supply to the beaches of Ventura.

One of their educational and awareness strategies is to produce a film that outlines some of the groups and individual projects happening in this particular watershed. Rich Reid has been hard at work on a 25 min film that will attempt to do just that.

Paul Jenkins, Matilija Coalition founder and Environmental Director of the Ventura County Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation gave me permission to share the trailer for upcoming film with the Way Upstream community. It's a good reminder that restoring and protecting watersheds requires awareness and action on the part of everyone, whether you live in the high country, on the coast or somewhere inbetween. Check out this 2 minute trailer for Watershed Revolution.

Photo by Matt Stoecker


Anonymous said...

Right on. We need some folks with the same energy and passion to help us bring the steel head back to the Santa Monica bay and the streams that feed into it. Malibu and Topanga, etc.

El Pescador said...

I saw this particular effort as something that could serve as an example for others to follow DS FF. Contact the Matilija Coalition to see if they can help influence and inspire. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

jon said...

Really 2014. I an sure that the timeline can be moved up. Shovel ready program money and all. That is one of the problems with remediation. Fish can't come back until the dam is removed and the dam can't be removed until so and so happens. I hope that they can get it all done and bring back the fish. Good luck guys and great work on a great cause.

El Pescador said...

Here's a video created from outtakes of the American Express commercial featuring Yvon Chouinard, owner/founder of Patagonia. YC talks more about the Matilija Dam (featured in the commercial) and why it should be removed -