Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wader Clip Collection

Do you have any short video clips of your Patagonia waders in action? Netherlands based Way Upstream community member Esox Lucius posted some Watermaster II clips from various places around the globe on Vimeo and has requested that if you have similar clips/links to send them on to him. He's interested in building a global clip collection. Check out his HOCUS LOCUS post for more details and contact information. Here's one of his clips from Alaska. The music combined with the commentary gives this 1 minute "Big Char" video a hip international vibe.

Patagonia in Alaska from ESOX LUCIUS on Vimeo.
Top image from the video "He Almost Broke My Wrist" by Brian Bennett


Taco Meeuwsen said...

Very cool item Steve. Thanks.
I hope your community has some worthwhile Watermaster clips to contribute.
Let's go global you guys :-)

El Pescador said...

I have some clips to contribute so let me know how you want to handle the transfer Taco.