Monday, March 30, 2009

Original Brownliner Album Cover

Foghat - Fool for the City
Photo by Tony Loew


The Trout Underground said...

Man, you are so old. (I'll trade you a Chicago album for it.)

El Pescador said...

I can't argue with your comment Tom. I am getting older but when it comes to Foghat and a lot of other classic rock, there is a hoard of kids who know the old tunes due to the popularity of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Every now and then I'll hear my 6 yr old humming Sunshine of your Love.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man that does bring a cascade of blurred memories back. Sometimes I really love becoming "old". I have often told my wife that I couldn't wait to become a curmudgeon - which she assures me happened a lot of years ago. Good call El Pesc, I'll have to go paw through my LP's.

adipose said...

I was always more of a Mountain fan myself.

Anonymous said...

Foghat (with Brownesville station) was the loudest concert I ever heard. It was in Green Bay WI circa 1978. Recently I was at my local super market in the checkout line and a nice elderly lady was haggling over coupons. My 7 year old said, "Dad, this is taking longer than an Allman Brothers jam." An older guy behind burst out laughing and asked, "Where did that come from??!!" I replied, "His mother."

Tim Borski