Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pack Vest

Patagonia introduced the Pack Vest in 1996 and holds the patent on this modular backpack and utility vest concept . This award winning product continues to provide straight forward, reliable functionality even though it hasn't changed all that much in over a decade. The latest version of this piece of gear has some crossover functionality with the Stormfront Pack. The front vest component connects to that as well. What inspired the post though was that I saw reviews of the Sun Mask and Pack Vest in Steve Schmidt's Western Rivers newsletter (March) that I wanted to share. Here's what Steve wrote about the Pack Vest:

"Over the three decades I’ve been seriously chasing fish with a fly rod, I’ve not found a more versatile vest than this. For 2009 it’s been revised, and it's better than ever. It can be either a very light and perfectly functional vest, or a vest with a comfortable pack on your back for carrying rain gear, camera, lunch, water, etc…or it's just a very good backpack for wherever you may wander. For the money, considering the cost of a good vest these days, it’s also a great value at $180.00 (US Dollars)"

Visit the Patagonia web site to learn more about the Pack Vest.


eric said...

Patagonia should really consider selling the vest separately. I own the Storm Front and would love to have a vest to pop into it, however i can't justify spending the extra money for a backpack i will never use. I mean, I HAVE THE STORM bag ever!

El Pescador said...

Thanks for the feedback and Stormfront Pack appreciation Eric. Team Fish agrees with you. We'd like to offer the vest portion of the Pack Vest as a stand-alone product (same goes for the front pack of the Double Haul). Consider these works in progress.

Sam said...

Yeah, I have the old, early version (in green). I wound up ditching the backpack it came with, sewing the buckles onto my camelback, and having a versitle pack like this one with camelback, etc. Best set up ever, so i like this new design that patagonia has out.

El Pescador said...

Sounds like an interesting mash up Sam. Send me a picture of your prototype if time permits. Glad you like the new version of the Pack Vest.

Anonymous said...

Just a follow up to the minimalist vest. I've removed the pockets from the vertical vest and now just wear the mesh part. It keeps all I need for the small stream fishing I do. the only problen is my forceps poke through the mesh.
ps i do not know how to include a photo of the mashed vest!!

El Pescador said...

Thanks for the follow up Graham. I'm glad you found a custom solution to your vest needs. I'm sure you'll figure out a good system for your forceps too. Regarding pix, you can send me them via my profile email.